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Our research team consists of 3 dedicated coordinators who work alongside Drs. Joseph Barrera, Mim Mulford and Neil Tran in conducting clinical research studies. While our areas of interest touch on most endocrine disorders, enrollment is limited to studies currently recruiting. All study visits are conducted Monday – Fridays, with appointments available as early at 7:00AM. Our coordinators would be glad to answer any of your questions and are available by phone at (949)364-3612 or e-mail.

Irma Rivas • irivas@MHMG.com • extension 1210

Veronica Aguilar-Mora • vaguilar@MHMG.com • extension 1265

Carrie Mirza • cmirza@MHMG.com • extension 1262


The Sanofi “Main Meal” study: EFC 11261

This Research study is also designed for Type 2 Diabetics not achieving their targeted Hemoglobin A1C values, but only taking Metformin. In this study, qualifying participants will take the Investigational drug, Lixisenatide in addition to their current dose of Metformin to see if it can better control their blood sugar. Although this dose will be administered just once a day, the timing of this dose may be associated either with their main meal of the day or prior to breakfast. This study lasts a total of 28 weeks, and also has a small study with in the main study looking at the effects of the medication using Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

Find out more about this trial here

The Sanofi Aventis “Elixa” study: EFC11319

In this Research study, we are specifically looking for Type 2 Diabetics who have recently suffered from an Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) event. This study too involves the administration of the Investigational drug, Lixisenatide, to determine if it can help minimize future cardiac events by better controlling glucose levels in affected Type 2 Diabetics.

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